Microneedle Skin Therapy System

2011-11-01 11:05:35

Microneedle Therapy System (MTS)-Roller Series

General Description:

MTS Roller is a durable and high-quality precision tool. The barrel and handle are made from Lexan® polycarbonate resin. The axle is polished stainless steel axle. The 200 bristles (needles) – the highest count of any roller – are made from surgical stainless steel. A patented manufacturing process holds the needles permanently in place to within 0.02mm of the specified length from the roller base. All rollers have unique quality-control serial numbers.

There are 6 models and all MTS roller models are currently available for U.S. market and are FDA registered as Type I supplementary medical instruments. All components are produced in high-tech ISO9001 quality-controlled manufacturing facilities.



Type   Length

Personal Use


Skin Restoration,
Improve Alopecia,
Homecare Therapy,
Active ingredient delivery

Clinical Use
  0.5mm Skin Whitening,
Improve skin pigmentation,
Improve wrinkle (eye area),
Improve Alopecia,
Collagen Induction,
Drug delivery

Medical Use 
Improve Wrinkle,
Collagen Induction,
Improve Skin Scar,
Cellulite treatment,
Skin Thickness,
Face Firming,
Face Body Lifting