Learning About Derma Rollers:

2011-12-12 00:27:28

Learning About Derma Rollers:

Derma rollers are, just as they sound, little hand held devices (handle with small roller attached) that you can run across both your face and your body to produce an improved appearance. They can really help in getting the natural facelift. These nifty little devices have very tiny needles on their rollers that actually "part" skin or pores. In doing this, without causing real skin damage, collagen and elastin production is stimulated. Over time, continual use of a derma roller is said to be able to reduce or altogether eliminate a wide variety of skin problems.

While I realize that it sounds daunting to be sticking needles into your own face, these are extremely tiny micro needles that again, cause no real skin damage. Manufacturer's do have specs and recommendations for what size needle derma roller one should need to improve which problems. I spent some time researching all of this as I've been watching derma rollers on the market for about a year now. They also provide some specs on frequency of use. For general facial stimulation, the .05 mm needle size has been most recommended with the larger sizes recommended for acne scars and scars requiring more attention and depth of penetration.

While I like the idea of manual facial stimulation for improved skin circulation and collagen production, what I am most intrigued by here is that following a session with your  derma roller, you're allegedly able to have facial and skin creams absorb more deeply into your skin. Fascinating. Let me tell you where I'm coming from on this: I, like many other women out there, have spent a small fortune over the years buying expensive cosmetic face creams..........only to have some of them dry up and leave a crumbly residue after a few hours. I can't tell you how embarassing it is to be in a business meeting, touch your face, and have flakes of stuff start falling off. I'm dead serious. I paid $85 for a large jar of a hyuarolic face cream last year and that's what it does. Now, I did buy it in a moment of madness and despair over my aging face, but honestly, you'd think it work better than that!

In any event, we don't recommend products on this site unless we've gotten some pretty good reviews and referrals from other women, so I may be recommending this product soon since it's the one my friend uses with relish and great results. I trust her opinions. She's challenged me to try one so now I'm going to try it myself and you'll be hearing about my own experience very shortly. By the way,derma rollers seem to run around the $100 price (very inexpensive compared with other facial devices) which is also one of our concerns here: we want to recommend natural facelift products that provide the best value for the buck. Hey, times are tough and none of us gals needs to waste any more of our hard earned dollars.