How do you use a derma roller?

2011-12-12 00:29:00

Generally speaking, derma rollers are simply rolled over the skin in a back and forth motion roughly four times in four directions (top to bottom, side to side and then diagonally, left side to right and finally right side to left) to each area of skin problem. The roller is gently rolled over previously cleaned skin. If using this method of gently rolling,derma roller treatments can be done five times a week. Following treatment, it is recommended that a nutrient rich facial moisturizer like Vitamin A or C be applied to the treated areas. For more information about derma rollers please click our website

A second method of derma roller treatment requires only once a week treatment. Here, a topacaine gel is applied to clean skin and the roller is applied with more pressure. After treatment and removal of the topacaine gel, antibiotic cream can be applied to the treated area in the rare cases when that may be needed (ie; for extremely sensitive skin).

It is wise not to share your derma roller with anyone else.