Dermaroller can be performed as a home care treatment

2012-06-23 03:57:46

The Dermaroller can be performed as a home care treatment for deeper infusion of skincare ingredients, or as a medical treatment for collagen stimulation, reduction of acne scarring or hair loss. All medical treatments need to be performed by a qualified and trained Dermaroller clinician under sterile and hygenic conditions to avoid unnecessary complications.
The Dermaroller homecare is like a small paint-roller with fine needles. On the surface of the roller, 24 circular arrays of 8 needles each (total 192 needles) are found, with a fine needle length of only 0.2mm (The needles are short enough that they will not draw blood and the process is entirely painless). As the stratum corneum is very fine, the size is of the needles is more than enough to pierce the skin and allow a path way for active ingredients. Medical Dermaroller treatments use longer needles and therefore should be performed by a qualified Dermaroller clinician.
The Stratum Corneum is the natural protective layer. however rolling the Dermaroller on the skin surface creates micro-channels into the stratum corneum. These channels will allow any kind of substance applied on the skin, to gain access to the deeper and viable skin layers. We call this a micro channel delivery system. The micro-channels close over within a few hours.
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