micro needle stimulates the skin to produce new collagen formation

2012-06-30 09:07:22

micro needle stimulates the skin to produce new collagen formation, thereby reducing wrinkles, and improving skin texture. A micro needle with very fine needles is used to produce many microscopic channels in the skin, which stimulate your own body to produce new collagen. These channels significantly improve the penetration of therapeutic active ingredients (called MTS Treatments) as well as muti-peptides, vitamins, or any other liposomal serums. MTS Treatments stimulate skin renewal, thereby making the skin appear fresher and younger. MTS is different to artificial injectable collagen, as the effects of collagen induction activities are long lasting.
This micro needle  increases the moisture level and strength of the skin against environmental damage. It contains an essential amount of Vitamin C (28%) as a strong anti-oxidant but with no water, while helping the skin regain tone, moisture, silkiness and radiance. It provides a smoothing, antioxidant, brightening and protective treatment for all types of non-sensitive environmentally damaged skin starting to show signs of aging. When used prior to makeup, it may help to form a breathable moisture seal and helps to achieve a smooth and even application of makeup. Hyaluronic Acid enhances the penetration and hydration. Vitamin C in the product is in a form of both hydrophilic and lipophilic.
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