titanium derma roller is a convenient multipurpose device

2012-07-02 08:41:06

titanium derma roller is a convenient multipurpose device used for the treatment of various skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, cellulite and stretch marks. It is a cylindrical barrel with precision engineered titanium microneedles which penetrate the top layers of skin without causing damage or bleeding. This accurate and minimally intrusive penetration allows much higher absorption of topical formulations, such as Medik8 serums and creams. It may also stimulate skin’s self-repair and regeneration as it can stimulate the skin’s healing response.
In contrast to many other skin renewal treatments, such as chemo- and dermabrasion or laser resurfacing; treatment with the Medik8 Titanium Dermaroller does not destroy the upper layers of the skin to induce collagen growth. Instead, the Medik8 Titanium Dermaroller induces collagen synthesis by creating micro-punctures in the epidermis without compromising its integrity, without a prolonged down time and without a high risk of complications. Finally, the Medik8 Titanium Dermaroller is also the most cost-effective way of effective skin regeneration when compared to other therapies. The Medik8 Titanium Dermaroller is a breakthrough tool, simple in design and yet yielding superb results. It has been hailed as “The magic wand of skin care”.
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