skin care roller can refresh tired eyes and cover dark circles

2012-07-10 06:33:14

skin care roller can refresh tired eyes and cover dark circles, in a flash!
There are so many factors affecting the appearance of our skin, from diet and fitness to sun exposure and ageing. Over time, all of these factors, combined with lack of sleep and daily fatigue, can make skin around the eyes look tired. And those dark circles and shadows — which used to be gone by lunchtime — are now hanging around all day!
If you look close, you can see these small little dots on the roller. Each of these dots has a medical grade acupuncture needle in it that easily rolls over the skin. With that said, they are needles, so you do feel them, however, it’s not painful at all. When you do this, you are causing a very slight wound to the skin which allows it to heal and create more collagen.  So this tool is perfect for someone who is wanting to minimize or prevent fine lines and wrinkles, has large pores, or even someone who might have some acne scarring. We do something similar to this with lasers, same idea, with down time. There is another treatment called professional needeling that does the same as this roller, it’s done in a derm. office, or med-spa and it will cost you way more than this product.
Microneedle Injection System(Easy sterilization)is Simply Not Satisfied with Laying Over Cosmetics.Effective System Infiltrating Ingredients into Skin.Return 10 Years of Time Back to You with Outstanding Skin Restoring Medical Solution(Microneedle  Injection  System)
In general, the probability of Healthy Ingredients passing the horny layer through Intercellular routes of skin cells is just about 0.3% per each usage  (With Microneedle 4000% Up)Even with that, the effect reaching to the required areas can not be obtained due to the unique reactive skin cell characteristics such as cornification.
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