the electric derma roller

2012-07-10 06:44:39

the electric derma roller (with Vibration Mechanism) is the most cutting-edge, professional-grade, skin roller with a vibration function to maximize the results of needle therapy. Powered with an electrically-operated vibration action that increases efficiency and lessens discomfort, the Deluxe Skin Roller dramatically increases the effectiveness of your hair and skin products by increasing absorption of your products from the standard 4% to as much as 87% of the product being absorbed deep in your skin. Using the Deluxe Skin Roller promotes production of new collagen, leading to skin rejuvenation, great skin elasticity, and tightening and thickening of the skin. Usable on the face and body, the Deluxe Skin Roller can help reduce and soften acne or surgical scars, diminish the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks, reduce large pores, smooth heavy pitted skin, and help reverse the effects of sun damage. When used on the head, the Skin Roller also stimulates the hair to keep its thickness and help with thinning and balding hair areas. Dramatic results can be seen with one week. This roller's design enables you to remove the needle head and enjoy needle therapy without needing to purchase a new roller once the needles are no longer as effective or each time you want to try a different needle depth.
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