The 192 micro-needle treatment

2012-07-16 03:46:10

The 192 micro-needle treatment is using many tiny needles on the roller to stimulate skin and make over 200,000 micro pipes in a very short period of time. In this way the active ingredient (SKINDIARY leather repair factors Lyophilized, SKINDIARY cellular repair cream, etc.) could be infiltrated into skin.
The MT (Microneedle Therapy) Roller series shares all of the advantages of the typical microneedle array, but have also a unique way of mechanically driving the applied substance under the skin, through the holes already created by the MT Roller needles.
The micro-needles stimulate the dermis. They promote collagen hyperplasia through skin self-healing capability. The effect of the device is comparable with laser plastic surgery. And the side effect of micro-needle technology is extremely low.
It makes the activated components of peptide gene (which could help the auxesis) and various nutrient elements be easily & directly transited to the best position of skin via micro-passage for the skin to absorb quickly
It has already obtained the CE Certificate of EU; It is proceeded sterilizing under an axenic conditions, then sealed up completely; The side-effect of the technology of micro-needle is extremely low, it will not damage the integrity of the skin structure, safe and reliable.
 It can stimulate the natural healing of skin, promote cells metabolism, and induce the growth of body collagen, repairing the damaged tissue as well as enhancing the skin elasticity.
It can be handled easily and its average absorption is above 98%, which reaches its best effect, being thousand times than the normal beauty products, striking!
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