ZGTS derma roller is a cheap dermaroller

2012-07-16 03:47:11

ZGTS derma roller is a cheap dermaroller.This particular roller is ideal for skin needling on larger areas of the body. Because the needles are coated in a titanium alloy, they are strong and are an excellent choice for stretch mark treatments in particular. This means that for those wanting a roller for their stomach, thighs or other fleshier and less sensitive areas, the low cost of the roller with their strong needles make them a popular choice.
What this dermaroller is less suitable for is delicate areas such as the face and neck. The needles are not as precise as more expensive models as they are build primarily for strength and longevity rather than precision micro-needling. The rollers comes pre-sterilized and are packaged in a protective hard plastic tube for safe and secure transportation and storage.
Whilst we have worked hard to bring the cost of these rollers down to an already low price, we are pleased to offer even further discounts when you choose to take advantage of our multi pack offers.
Dermaroller Planet is part of the Ultramod Group. This means that you can take advantage of an improved shopping experience at Ultramod Shop.com. Here you will be able to by the ZGTS Titanium roller along with all of the other rollers on offer at Dermaroller Planet. In addition, you will also be able to shop in a currency of your choice, compare and view all the Dermarollers far more easily as well as choose from a greater range of shipping options.
Treatments using this Dermaroller are the same as all of the models on offer. The range boasts needle lengths from 0.3mm to 1.5mm.The Dermaroller works on the stimulation of new collagen fibres as well as other vital skin cells. Unlike other treatment types such as acids or laser therapy, it doesn’t harm or damage the epidermis.After treatment for Stretch Marks, Acne Scars, Wrinkles etc, the skin becomes thicker and tighter. Elasticity and bounce is restored and you a left with a healthy and youthful appearance.The Dermaroller is a non-surgical tool and is safe for all skin types. It is the first time that such an effective Anti-aging, scar and stretch mark removal has been made possible from the privacy of home.This ZGTS model has 192 needles which delicately puncture the dermis of the skin. This damage begins the release of growth factors which stimulate collagen and elastin production.Whilst the healing process begins immediately after derma rolling, results continue to develop for up to a year. It is common though for visible results to be showing within just one week.
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