540 Micro needle therapy has the advantages of safe, reliable and multi-function

2012-07-17 05:54:46

540 Micro needle therapy has the advantages of safe, reliable and multi-function. It can be used to beauty; Body slimming; Hair regeneration, etc. It comes to be the preferred method for skin anti-aging.
Function of the product: Stimulate skin to absorb the medicine and other active ingredient efficiently. Needle material is stainless
The Skin Roller has 540 needles per roller head, in comparison with  the standard roller that has less than 200 needles per head.  With extra needles, you will have greater penetration in much  less time.Needle shape leads to less discomfort.The diamond shape of the 540 Needles  Skin Roller leads to less pain compared to the standard round  shaped needle of other skin rollers. This is because the  thickness of the sphericalshaped needle is twice as large as  the diamond shape needle of the 540 Needles Skin Roller.
At BIO Genesis London our skin scientists ventures for quality and innovation. Our continual efforts to seek for the best have guided us to the proud introduction of the new and sensational 'REVO' . This evolutionary device will set new standards for all derma needling treatments and provide users with results never achievable before.
The beauty roller is revolutionary device which has the amazing ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastion production in the skin without damage. It can be used by both men and women and is designed to achieve numerous results: smoothing fine lines and wrinkles,pores size reduction.Improving the apperance of scars(including acne scars),improving the apperance of stretch marks/striate/cellulite.improving skin texture as a result of firmer and more lifted skin.treating alopecia(hair loss) for both men and women.
you can buy our 540 micro needle at:www.dermarollerneedles.com