eye derma roller make your eyes shine

2012-07-20 04:18:58

eye derma roller make your eyes shine from youth and reduce the appearance of  around the eye wrinkles with our special Eye Wrinkle Care Kit! 
Eye wrinkle care should be part of your every day routine if you suffer from crows feet and under eye wrinkles. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest in our body, and are more vulnerable to the forces of nature.
Ceutical Eye Care serum along with eye derma roller is excellent eye care kit if you are looking ways to reduce crows feet, fine under eye lines, eye bags and dark circles around the eyes.
Our carefully selected products together do wonders to your skin!Using the narrow derma roller in conjunction with Ceutical Eye Care serum will improve the absorption of serum active ingredients deep to skin around the eyes.Ceutical Eye Care serum significantly reduces fine lines, eye bags and dark circles around the eyes.So in addition to all these serum benefits, the derma rolling also triggers the collagen production in skin.
Use the derma roller around the eye, but do not roll it closer to your eye than where you feel the bone right around your eye.Pull your skin away from the eye with one hand and roll the skin with the other one.Before and after rolling apply apply the eye serum.Use eye derma roller only once every 3 weeks around the eyes, but keep applying the eye serum every day (one vial of serum is good for 3 days after opening).
The ability to stimulate the skin healing and promote skin metabolism, to maintain skin elasticity and Jiao Mei; Activate the cells, repair damaged tissue, directly involved in cell metabolism, to Phytosome, promotion, whitening, anti-aging effects; The unique bio-active ingredients to enhance the promotion of cell-mediated immunity, slow down skin aging, long term to keep the young state.
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