titanium roller

2012-07-22 03:59:22

titanium roller is no damage to the skin surface and it jump-starts the production of collagen and elastin initiating skin regeneration. The controlled mechanical trauma of the skin is clinically proven to be an excellent anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle and skin renewal treatment for any skin type and skin color. Used as a quick fix to your face after a long day, it will make your skin look fresh and glowing.
Other advantages of titanium roller application: skin rejuvenation, improvement in skin tone, texture and elasticity, lightening of hyperpigmentation, reduction of pore size, firming and thickening of the skin and adding glow to dull, lifeless skin.
Until recently there were not many really helpful stretch mark or scar removal treatments out there, unless you are ready to go for expensive and unpredictable laser, microdermabrasion or chemical peel procedures. Micro needling gives the same, if not superior results with no downtime, bruising or swelling, and no foreign chemicals applied to your skin. It is the most effective and safe treatment available for home use.
The inefficiency of collagen is primarily responsible for such damages as stretch marks and scar tissue. Micro needling promotes formation of collagen and is proven to work for common types of scarring and stretch marks regardless of their size and age. Even though the complete removal of deep scars is unlikely, the improvements are quite obvious and permanent.
titanium roller is also a promising treatment for hair loss, thinning hair and boldness. Used by itself the roller improves blood circulation resulting in strengthening of hair roots. Used in conjunction with hair restoration products (there are plenty of them out there, but it’s difficult to say which of them is more effective) the roller will increase the absorption of active ingredients.
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