micro needle skin care roller

2012-08-13 09:46:06

With its sharp tip facilitating skin penetration, its side opening preventing any clogging of the fluidic path and its short length to avoid any contact with nerve endings, Debiotech’s silicon micro-needle array offers unmet opportunities in low-cost painless injection and sampling.
This innovative micro-needle technology enables very accurate manufacturing of needle arrays. Every needle is designed to penetrate the skin within a depth of less than 100 micrometer. This offers the potential for improving drug bioavailability and reducing insertion pain as well as reducing tissue damage, which allows faster healing. Each needle has a large perforation in its center, done in a way that prevents coring, the obstruction of the injection channel while penetrating the skin.
The micro-needles are made using silicon technology. This is a core expertise of the Debiotech MEMS programme. Our silicon design of the micro-needles combines strength, sturdiness, and low flow resistance. Additionally, they are biocompatible and disposable.
This micro-needle technology can also be used for diagnostic sampling of biological fluids, which is today an important area of growth. They have application in painless delivery of vaccines, peptides, and any drugs that need to be delivered subcutaneously.
The length of the micro-needles assures that minimal pain is felt during insertion. The micro-needles can be several hundreds of microns in lengths and still avoid most pain receptors in the skin. The micro-needles also reduce the dead volume usually found in regular needles (from microliters to nanoliters) and thus can save significant amounts of precious drug compounds.
Micro-needles are based on MEMS (Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems), an area in which Debiotech has an established worldwide leading reputation within the medical field. MEMS technology leads, in particular, to extremely precise devices with very strong and excellent biocompatible properties. MEMS also allows precision in replication of micro-needles from one to the next, as well as high precision and yield in the manufacture of each needle, and therefore maintains low production costs.
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