Micro needling becomes increasingly popular

2012-08-25 08:01:38

Micro needling becomes increasingly popular as an easy to use and cost effective anti aging skin rejuvenating treatment. There is no magic or complicated new technology behind this method – just a natural healing response of your body to invisible mechanical micro injuries caused by tiny needles penetrating the epidermis. The Derma Roller can be used pretty much on any part of your body.
The Roller with 540 needles has 2.5 times more needles than a standard roller (192 needles per head). Extra needles mean greater area of penetration in less time. 540 needles can generate 1,000 micro-channels per square cm in 10 minutes and substantially increase the effectiveness of the procedure.
The needle thickness of 0.2mm is 25% thinner than needles of a standard roller with thickness of 0.25mm. This makes the procedure less painful with faster healing time.
The newer shape of the titanium needles lessens pain or discomfort of the procedure compared to the standard Derma roller with round shaped needles.
Titanium needles are 50% stronger and more durable than surgical steel needles of a standard roller. It can be reused for up to 6 months making it more cost effective treatment than many others.
The Skin Derma Roller is a user-friendly device, which naturally increases the levels of collagen and elastin and significantly improves blood circulation. Micro needling can help solve problems associated with: scars and stretch marks, hair loss, aging face, neck and hands, signs of cellulite, minimize enraged pores and help in overall skin improvement.
It is safe for people who can’t use electrical devices due to their health conditions and so simple that everyone should add it to his or her daily cosmetic regime.
you can buy our titanium roller at:www.dermarollerneedles.com