What can you expect from a Dermaroller?

2012-09-23 08:41:27

What can you expect from a Dermaroller?
1.The Dermaroller causes a 40% improvement in aging and a 60% improvement in scar reduction in only 5 to 6 treatments!
2.The Dermaroller induces maximum absorption of your best wrinkle cream or any anti-aging creams, giving you an 'instant facelift' - scientific studies have shown only 0.3% of the active ingredients in traditional cosmetics are able to penetrate skin, so 97.7% of them are wasted
3.The Dermaroller literally rolls away your scars, wrinkles, cellulite and stretch marks before your eyes without harmful effects
4.They literally 'trick' your skin into turning back the clock by destroying old skin cells and scar tissue, and then replacing them with brand new skin cells
5.Highly effective treatment for surgery scars, burn scars, acne scars, chicken pox scars,pitting of the skin, large pores and much more
6.They are very inexpensive considering what a trip to the dermatologist will cost you
7.Tiny needles puncture the skin, thus stimulating collagen production and 're-sets' the cell cycle back to adult stem cells (differentiated stem cells capable of dividing and creating new cells)
8.Provide astonishing results that are a powerful non-surgical treatment by rejuvenating the skin - just like a laser or chemical peel does, but without the healing, skin damage,down time, and cost
9.Similar results to laser treatment, chemical peels and dermabrasion at a fraction of the cost
10.Remove loose skin, lines and wrinkles on the face
11.Improve blood supply to remove cellulite
12.Improve thinning hair and hair loss/alopecia
13.The Dermaroller lessens dimpling of the skin, improves skin colour and texture of aged skin
14.The Dermaroller is a great home treatment option with no side effects and fast recovery
15.The Dermaroller can dramatically reduce all types of scarring anywhere on the skin with the proper series of treatments
16.The effectiveness of the active ingredients in topically applied skin care products(such as Vitamin E and C) is greatly improved when using the Dermaroller as it allows those ingredients to reach below the outer surface of the skin
17.Ultimately the Dermaroller is the future of the non-surgical facelift