What will i expect during the dermaroller procedure?

2012-10-13 07:33:21

Arrival: The clinic will give the client instructions on how to prepare for arrival at the treatment location including instructions on cleansing and make-up. The client will fill out the Dermaroller consent form.

Anaesthetise: Before the procedure commences a topical anesthetic will be applied to the skin to make it a virtually pain-free experience.

Application: The practitioner will then gently roll the Titanium Dermaroller into the skin to puncture the outermost layers to create thousands of miniscule sub-cutaneous injuries. The client will not feel any appreciable pain. The procedure usually lasts 20 minutes.

Depart: The practitioner will complete the Dermaroller aftercare advice sheet and encourage the client to buy a Dermaroller starter pack to continue the treatment at home.