The FAQ when operating the derma roller

2012-12-19 21:58:07

The FAQ when operating the derma roller:
1 Usually if for thin cuticle sensitive skin must be use of needle roller own weight rolling the skin
2 Operation is complete if the skin reddish symptom is a normal phenomenon
3 operation finished parts is a normal phenomenon, and will be deposited ice film absorption white precipitate crystalline
4 Using skin prone to dryness, if so horny desquamation phenomenon for cell repair and regeneration process, this is a normal phenomenon, and to strengthen insulation And sunscreen.

Micro-needle therapy Note:
1 during treatment eat spicy food, drink pigment concentration beverages, avoid sunlight, do not smear irritating cosmetics, 6-8 hours nonstick Water during the course of treatment to avoid the sauna, eat more fruits and food with the VC.
2 period of severe heart attack, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, blood clotting mechanisms, nervous system disorders, scarring skin used with caution.
3 pregnancy, lactation and menstrual period disabled.
4 pairs of proteins and metal allergy should be used with caution.