How often can the derma roller needles be used and how long does the roller last?

2015-06-01 21:47:13

How often can the derma roller needles be used and how long does the roller last?

It can be used daily without any harm to the skin. We recommend 5 days out of 7 each week. Some people do a treatment weekly or monthly as well, or only that. With time, even the strongest needle point will lose its sharpness. When this happens the roller should be replaced. Our Skin rollers commonly loose their sharpness after 6-8 months of use. Even the best razor blade or the best scalpel will gradually loose its sharpness, this is an unfortunate fact. However you will be pleased with the use that you will get out of your skin roller. Don't keep using the roller if the needles become blunted by lack of care of the product.